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Summary Disposition
Justine Vandenberghe
Summary Disposition in Favor of Liberty Mutual based on Plaintiff committing fraud, including dismissal of Intervening Plaintiff
Allison Lazette-Magnan recently successfully argued a Motion for Summary Disposition to dismiss the claims of two Intervening Plaintiffs in total, based on the fact that underlying plaintiff had committed fraud by submitting a fraudulent wage loss claim. Ms. Lazette-Magnan argued that due to the fraudulent submissions, there was/is no coverage under the policy for an individual who has committed fraud. It was argued that Intervening Plaintiffs stand in the shoes of the Plaintiff and if the Plaintiff cannot recover on her claims, neither can Intervening Plaintiffs. At the hearing on our Motion for Summary Disposition, the Court agreed with our position and granted our Motion for Summary Disposition dismissing in the total of the claims of both Intervening Plaintiffs.