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Wayne County Third Circuit Court
Summary Disposition
Susan L. Hubbard, Honorable
Allison Lazette-Magnan
Summary Disposition due to Court agreeing with our Defense, that Plaintiff committed fraud in submission of his claims.
Allison Lazette and Magdich Law were recently successful in arguing a Motion for Summary Disposition based on fraud in the Wayne County Circuit Court. Plaintiff made material representations in the submissions of his claims to Defendant regarding his wage loss benefits, claiming both in writing and in deposition testimony that he made amounts before the motor vehicle accident way in excess of what he could support with documentation.  The Court agreed with Allstate that Plaintiff had made material misrepresentations with the intent to deceive Allstate and the Motion for Summary Disposition was granted.  Therefore, all claims of Plaintiff, as well as claims of Intervening Plaintiff Michigan Head and Spine, were dismissed on the basis that Plaintiff committed fraud in the submission of his claims.