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Wayne County Circuit Court
Compromised Verdict
Compromised Verdict, Plaintiff awarded only $120,000 compared to the $800,000 originally sought.
Allison Lazette-Magnan, assisted by Jonathon Mona and Magdich Law, were successful in coming to a Compromised Verdict in this trial. Plaintiff’s demand for the Personal Injury Protection and Uninsured Motorist claims combined was $400,000 and the Defense's offer was just under $100,000.  The Jury awarded $120,000 on the Personal Injury Protection claim and also awarded $100,000 in pain and suffering on the Uninsured Motorist claim. However, the Jury found the Plaintiff to be 50% at fault.  This reduced the amount to $50,000, which was further reduced by $20,000, the amount Plaintiff was already paid by the third party defendant.  Therefore, Plaintiff’s total award resulted at about $160,000. Our team was successful in reducing this award immensely, since the original amount demanded from Plaintiff was in excess of $800,000.