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Experience. Drive. Results.

Magdich Law specializes in litigated cases. Our areas of practice include appeals, health care, insurance defense and corporate litigation.

Ready and Willing to Go to Trial

As experienced trial attorneys, we recognize that a vast majority of all cases are settled without a trial. Unlike many other law firms, we do not automatically push for settlement. We force the other side to prove their case. We try cases, and we will not settle unless it is the client’s decision to do so.

Team Approach

Magdich Law provides a team approach designed to use all of our resources to solve the problems of our clients utilizing creative and cost effective solutions. 

Focused Litigation

Our experienced team of litigators focuses entirely on civil litigation involving corporate and insurance disputes.  This results in research-based, cost-effective services.

expert Counsel

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You need lawyers who have specific knowledge of underwriting, claims handling, and the state laws governing insurance. Our team has that knowledge.