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Recent Trial Victories

Brown v. Auto Owners

Prevailed in a summary jury trial relating to the issue of whether the driver of the at-fault vehicle in a third-party automobile negligence case had permission to use the vehicle from the owner. After hearing testimony from multiple witnesses, the jury found the owner did consent to the driver’s use of the vehicle. As a result, the at-fault driver was covered by an applicable insurance policy issued to a resident relative, and the Plaintiff’s uninsured motorist claims were dismissed as a matter of law. The ruling resulted in Auto Owners being absolved of $100,000 in potential uninsured motorist damages.

Jackson v. Liberty Mutual

Compromised Verdict – Plaintiff sought $500,000 for a shoulder injury on a UM claim.  $75,000 was offered prior to trial.  Jury awarded $77,000.  Defendant was entitled to Case Evaluation Sanctions.

Reed-Gibson v. State Farm

Plaintiff sought PIP benefits following a motor vehicle accident, for medical care, lost wages and attendant care.  We presented the jury with video surveillance that revealed Plaintiff was exaggerating her injuries.  The jury agreed and awarded a defense verdict.  The Court also found that Plaintiff had submitted a fraudulent claim, entitling State Farm to attorney fees for having to defend the matter. 

Lanurias et al. v. Progressive Insurance Company 

The insured and several medical providers filed suit claiming to be entitled to PIP benefits following a motor vehicle accident.  We presented the jury with evidence that the medical providers exaggerated the attendant care claim and fabricated records.  The jury returned a defense verdict in favor of Progressive, also finding that Level One Home Care had committed fraud.  Attorney fees were awarded to Progressive.